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Best Accessories for Women: Summer Edition

by Keith Hanshaw on June 01, 2021

The right accessories can be used to enhance any outfit and with summer quickly approaching, it is time to get your hands on some of the best accessories for women according to this season’s trends. It is very rare that an outfit will look it’s best without the addition of any accessories whatsoever so it comes as no surprise that accessories are very important. Whether you opt for chunky jewellery and a statement bag or minimalistic makeup and a claw hair clip is more suited to your style, you can transform even the simplest of clothing into a really gorgeous outfit. The summer months are perfect for showcasing some of your favourite bags, jewellery, and shoes and we’re here to keep you looking fashionable while doing so.

The following article explores some of the most popular summer trends in 2021 including which colours, patterns, and textures you should be getting your hands on. Whether you are looking for the latest styles of jewellery, a new pair of sunglasses, or a go to summer bag, we have the perfect recommendations for you!


Summer Trends 2021

Fashion trends for both clothing and accessories vary significantly depending on the time of year and what season we are in. The top stylists and brands make sure to pay close attention to the hottest colours, patterns, and textures each season, but this year we have done the hard work for you!

Colours: The forecast for summer is looking very colourful in terms of fashion this year. Think both vibrant neon and pretty pastel shades of pink, yellow, orange, green, and blue. Injecting some brightly coloured statement accessories into your wardrobe is a sure way to ensure you are looking on trend this summer and grab attention wherever you go.

Patterns: Classic patterns like florals, animal prints, and twisted geometry will all be making a frequent appearance this summer. If you’re looking for something a bit different, opt for snakeskin, gingham, and kimono dragon patterns which are also going to be big this summer. Don’t be afraid to wear more than one pattern at once and create a contrast!

Textures: There are several types of texture that people will be going crazy for this summer and these include denim, quilted, and braided effects. As well as this, look for chunky chains which will typically be found attached to the latest bags.


The Best Accessories for Women This Summer


Arguably the most important accessory to pair with any outfit - the bag. A bag is an absolute must have for any occasion to not only keep you looking well put together and stylish, but to keep all of your essentials secure and in one place. This summer, there are several different types of stylish bags to choose from so we are confident you can find the perfect summer bag to suit your personal taste! 

Candy Coloured: Over the next few months, you will be seeing brightly coloured accessories and clothing everywhere you look - you do not want to miss out! Whether you opt for a bag that is bubble gum pink, mint green, pastel yellow, tiger orange, or dusty blue, you are guaranteed to look fashionable, chic, and flawless everywhere you go. With the versatility to suit all tastes, it is no wonder this is being labelled as one of the ultimate summer trends for 2021.

Crossbody: Crossbody bags are so convenient for those summer days when you’re on the go. The nature of the bag means that your hands are free to use as you wish, whether that’s holding a mobile phone, the hand of someone you love, or even taking your face mask on and off! In terms of style and size, this season loves small and structured crossbody bags so make sure to only pack the essentials.

Net: Net bags are often viewed as more of a beach and poolside accessory but this year, that is not the case! Perfect during the sunnier months, this type of bag comes in all shapes and sizes, meaning you can select the most suitable option for your personal needs. If you will be carrying smaller items, net bags with a solid insert will be ideal for you.

Mini: While mini bags are not necessarily practical for all occasions, they sure are stylish! With a huge variety of micro bag styles out there, you are sure to find the perfect bag this season to hold your keys, money, ID, and of course, your favourite lipstick. Try incorporating some of the hottest summer colours, patterns, and textures when choosing your micro bags for the ultimate summer accessories!



Jewellery is another great way of adding something extra to your outfit and sprucing up your appearance. Whether you are more of a necklace, ring, or earring wearer, we have got the latest summer accessories for you. 

Long Necklaces: Every season, the length of necklaces changes as does the length of a number of items of clothing. This summer, one of the best accessories for women is the long necklace. Not only does this piece of jewellery help to enhance the look of any outfit, but the nature of the chain itself helps to elongate your figure and can in fact be very flattering.

Clay Rings: The hands can often be forgotten when it comes to jewellery, but a statement set of rings is a great way to add a modern touch to any outfit. Clay rings have become particularly popular over the recent months. This could be down to the fact that we have been stuck inside for the majority of the last year, meaning that lots of people have taken on their own homemade projects in search of a new hobby. Pair this accessory with a number of other similar rings, making sure to choose a range of different colours and styles.

Personalised: One of the hottest crazes out there at the minute is any jewellery which is personalised and has recently been flying off the shelves. Choose from colourful and creative beach beads, initial necklaces to suit all budgets, or pretty birthstone jewellery this summer.



Headwear is a great way to attract the eyes upwards, compliment the features of your face, and spruce up the appearance of your hair. This type of accessory typically doesn’t break the bank but helps to bring something new to the look of your locks.

Claw Clips: Perfect for rocking a casual half up and half down look or securing the whole of your hair, the claw clip is the ultimate 90s hair accessory. With endless colours, sizes, and styles available, these clips can be chosen to suit all tastes and hair types.

Chunky Headbands: Those women that are fans of sporting a thick, padded headband are in luck this summer! The perfect way to inject a burst of colour, pattern, or texture to your outfit while being practical and holding your hair in position, opt for a chunky headband this summer. Choose to make a statement with ruched, beaded, silk, patterned, or vibrantly coloured headbands and help bring your outfit to life.



Not only are sunglasses essential for protecting our eyes in the (hopefully!) sunny weather this summer, but they are a great way to keep you looking stylish. While it is important to find a style that is best suited to your face shape, see below for some of our favourite shapes this summer.

Retro Shapes: Think back a few decades where cat eye, aviator, and rectangle shapes were all the rage where sunglasses were concerned - the summer trends in 2021 will be going the same way! These minimalistic frames are making a comeback this year and you do not want to miss out. Simply choose whichever shape, size, colour, and pattern suits your face shape the best and is to your personal taste.