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Classic Satchels

We currently have over 40 different colours of leather satchel and 6 different sizes of classic satchels to choose from. Using our bespoke bag service we can make any size you want, and you can even pick your own custom colour scheme! Remember, every satchel can also be made with optional leather backpack straps.

A Short History of the Leather Satchel

Our company was founded in 1966. Back then all we made were the classic and iconic British satchels. They were available in just one size and two leather colours; Black and Brown.

The exact design of this classic leather satchel dates back over 400 years to Shakespearean times, with the general concept of a satchel reverting back a far as the Roman Empire!

For a period of time, this Classic leather satchel design fell out of fashion, because people opted for branded plastic sports bags as an alternative. For a period of around 2 decades, from the late 1980s to the late 2000s, we were the only Leather Satchel Company in England still making these beautiful items as one of our standard line items.

Since then Harry Potter and Hipsters (…have you noticed how big beards, skinny jeans and tattoos look awesome next to one of our classic leather satchels?) made this timeless design a firm wardrobe staple.

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