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Customising "Ready Made" Items!

We often get asked about what customisations we can apply to ‘Ready Made’ bags or if we can alter existing bags that people already own. So, in response, we thought we would write a short guide to explain what we can and can’t do to bags once they are made.

Monogramming (aka Embossing)

We can add always monogram (emboss/deboss) your bag even after it has been crafted. The only limitation we have is the location that it can be embossed. If a bag isn’t stitched together then we can put your initials absolutely anywhere on the bag, but once it’s been made then we are usually limited to just single place on the bag.

The benefit of being able to monogram bags after they have been made is made apparent when buying a bag as a gift for someone else and you are unsure if the person receiving it would like their name or initials on the bag because then we can always do it for them afterwards. It’s all part of our friendly customer service experience and part of our company values “We treat customers as if they are family.”

Strap Adjustment

As part of our customisation service, we can adjust your strap so it’s made to measure for your height and build and these adjustments can, of course, be made to the bag after it’s been made.

Our straps are generally made to suit people sized between 5’6″ (167cm) and 5’10” (178cm) of an average build. If you are taller then this then the general rule of thumb is to add 6″ (15cm) to the overall length for every 3″ (7.5cm) in height that you need extra and vice versa if you are shorter.

Also if you are a very muscular or are sleight of build then you may need to adjust the strap length to allow for your body type. Our shoulder straps generously give 12″ (30cm) of adjustability to allow you to switch between off-the-shoulder or cross-body whilst also accommodating the difference in thickness of winter and summer clothes.

Getting the shoulder strap length perfect can really make the difference between a perfect bag and just a great bag.

To determine your perfect strap length we recommend looping a length of string through a hardback book, that has the same spine height as the width of your bag, and then adjusting the length of the string until you find your perfect length. Once you have the perfect fit, measure the length of the strip from the top of each side of the book and just let us know and we’ll make your shoulder strap match that length. How’s that for a tailor-made service?

Bolt-on Handle

Believe it or not, but handles are a great addition to a satchel or bag. They give you something to grab it by when picking it up from the floor whilst preventing you from grasping it by the top and crushing/creasing the leather, because of this they add a lot of life to the leather that folds over the top of the satchel or bag.

Certain handles can’t be fitted to bags after they’ve been made because they change the pattern cut, but the bolt-on is one of those trusty handle designs that can be fitted to a bag afterwards (ie. retro-fitted), even if you’ve bought it previously.

The bolt-on handle is two pieces of leather that are first bonded together back-to-back, then it’s cut into a handle shape and then stitched around the edge for durability. Finally, the handle is riveted to the top of the bag by 4 strong rivets.

Bolt-on handles can be fitted to almost any bag, as long as it isn’t too small… and there’s a Hanshaw’s Rule of Thumb that dictates that if the bag is too small for a handle then it should be small enough to be used {without a shoulder strap} as a clutch.