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Leather Backpacks

Small Portrait Backpacks

Size can be indeed deceiving. We want to welcome the smallest member of our portrait backpack family. If you are someone who travels with just a few small books and the bare essentials, then this is the one for you. Having a small front pocket will also come in handy to store essentials like your phone or travel documents.

Medium Portrait Backpacks

When you are getting ready to go back to school or back to work our Medium Portrait Backpack will give you the perfect balance between functionality and style. The 14-inch main compartment will comfortably fit your 13-inch laptop and A4 size documents and notebooks while the smaller front pocket will store away your iPad Mini or your other mobile devices easily. With this backpack, you’ll never have to compromise on your tech again.

Large Portrait Backpacks

Big and tall we haven’t forgotten about you. Help yourself to this 15-inch Portrait Backpack. Perfect for your 14″ laptop and for carrying your large portfolios and documents. The front pocket can easily store your iPad and your mobile phone. With this large portrait backpack, you won’t have to compromise on style for functionality.

Mini Windsor Backpacks

If you love the teardrop design of a Windsor but are looking for something smaller, then look no further. Our Mini Windsor Backpack has approximately the same dimensions as our Medium Portrait Backpack. Perfect for someone looking for something different from our classic Portrait Backpack. Fit your computer, tablet, netbook or notebook easily and carry it around comfortably.

Slimfit Windsor Backpacks

The name says it all. We have put our traditional Windsor on a diet to bring you the Slimfit Windsor. Being narrower doesn’t make it loose its usability but adds to its sexiness. You will still be able to carry your books and medium-sized laptop comfortably in this backpack while looking fabulous doing that.

Broad Windsor Backpacks

The Windsor finds a unique balance between its size style and comfort. It is large enough to carry a 14-inch laptop books files and other essentials you might find useful in your day to day journeys. Its teardrop design is unique to its category and sure to bring lots of attention to the wearer. The Windsor is also very comfortable to wear, which is something not commonly expected from a backpack of its size.

Saddlebag Backpacks

The newest member of the backpack family. This unique design of the Saddlebag Backpack is sure to turn quite a few eyes in your way. Being large in size, it’ll accommodate your everyday carry-on items and more. While the rest of our backpack lineup could be considered unisex, we designed this, especially with a feminine touch to appeal to our female buyers. So if you are looking for a beautiful, functional, feminine backpack, then look no further.