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Unisex Leather Briefcases

Leather Workbags

Discover our collection of leather workbags, available in a variety of colours and sizes to suit the needs of any worker.

Red 11 inch Leather Work Bag

Keep what you need at all times right by you with the help of our 11-inch Satchel. Use the front pocket to save things like your cell phone and cards for easy access without having to look through everything. This bag adds very little weight to your day-to-day in a timeless design that will keep your belongings safe.

Tan 12.5 Leather Work Bag

Functional size with an elegant look. When looking for a briefcase, you want two functions to be fulfilled professional looks with functional design. When you work from your 11-inch MacBook Air or even an iPad, then you don’t need a big Briefcase. We offer you the perfect solution for such a professional.

Black 14 inch Leather Work Bag

Not too big, not too small. We know that looking professional is a big reason as to why people buy our bags. This will carry the average-sized 13-inch laptop in comfortably while also carry your notebook and even with room in the front to carry your phone or tablet. With a detachable strap, your Briefcase Satchel has a load of functionality and of course style!

Red 15 inch Leather Work Bag

Gentleman this is the elegant and functional briefcase you have been looking for. Of course, some ladies may also love it that’s ok we love it too. But being a gentleman and wanting an elegant and functional briefcase can be tough. With a large front pocket and detachable shoulder straps, you don’t need to look any further.

Black 16.5 inch Leather Work Bag

Multiple folders to carry, no worries! This Briefcase can carry multiple A4 folders, a large work laptop and those reports without breaking a sweat. It has been designed to last you for years as a utility device that will not only let you carry a large amount with you but also keep them safe.

Leather Work Satchels

The ultimate professional accessory, our range of leather work satchels are the perfect way to hold all your work essentials in an organised and stylish way. Whether carrying keys, stationary, and mobile phone or larger items such as a laptop and folders, it is important to have a bag that is robust, fashionable, and practical. Our leather workbags are available in varying sizes, from 11 to 16.5 inches, and colours including a variety of shades of black, white, grey, red, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, and tan to ensure there is a suitable bag for all workers.

We offer a number of personalisation options, including monogramming, the addition of address card windows, and slip pockets either inserted or attached to the back. These customisations will provide you with a unique and stylish bag that is not only tailored specifically to you but will be the envy of all your workplace colleagues.

All our products are created using the finest ethically sourced heavy leather to produce leather workbags that are of the highest-quality and the best value for money. In order to provide you with additional confidence, we offer a 5-year craftsmanship and quality assurance guarantee as well as free UK wide shipping.