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Festival Satchels

We call it the Festival Satchel as it has become the perfect companion during festivals. Our very own classic Satchel inspired its design. It is small enough not get in your way and big enough to carry what you need. Ideal for that weekend excursion or for that mini adventure.

11-inch Satchels

Keep what you need at all times right by you with the help of our 11-inch Satchel. Use the front pocket to save things like your cell phone and cards for easy access without having to look through everything. This bag adds very little weight to your day-to-day in a timeless design that will keep your belongings safe.

12.5-inch Satchels

Functional size with an elegant look. When looking for a briefcase, you want two functions to be fulfilled professional looks with functional design. When you work from your 11-inch MacBook Air or even an iPad, then you don’t need a big Briefcase. We offer you the perfect solution for such a professional.

14-inch Satchels

Known as the original classic Satchel, this 14-inch Satchel has been designed to fit an A4 sized paper, making it the perfect Satchel for carrying around your 13-inch laptop, tablet, kindle and even a small umbrella. Because we British know to be prepared with matters of the rain. Use its front pocket to keep your phone, keys and other smaller items separate.

15-inch Satchels

Let’s get serious. This 15-inch Satchel is for those who want to carry more. The deeper gusset of this Satchel will comfortably fit your standard 14-inch laptop books papers and documents. The front pocket provides more space while allowing you to keep your quick access items separately. This is the Satchel for those who usually carry their life around.

16.5-inch Satchels

Welcome to the big boys and girls club. When it is necessary to carry a 15-inch laptop with space to spare, then this Satchel is the solution. The larger size of this 16.5-inch Satchel also allows it to have a larger front pocket giving you much needed extra space to carry your tablet cell phone purse or wallet etc. comfortably. To support its large size, this comes standard with a wide shoulder strap. This Satchel is not for the faint-hearted.