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Keith Hanshaw

Master Craftsman
& Managing Director

What is workshop week?

Workshop week is sometimes referred to also as Factory Week.

This is when manufacturing businesses (Factories and Workshops) slow down or close down for late summer.

This process gives the team who work in these businesses valuable time off to spend with their families during the summer holiday period without having to worry about how their businesses will cope while everyone is away.

It's widespread in mainland Europe, and many people understand that most European manufacturing businesses, especially when working in Fashion, Textiles, or Leather shut down in late summer for extended periods. Often much longer than a week.

The third week of August is our Workshop Week, we have a rota scheduled because we are working with a skeleton staff during this period.

We usually quote 10-14 days for production, plus delivery time after time. During workshop week we ask you to consider a 14-21 day production time.

There will be people around to answer questions, help with urgent issues, etc. but we may take a little longer than expected. 

We also use this time to quiet time to backup, upgrade and improve our website and systems. 

We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.