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19mm Bolt-on Handle

    19mm Bolt-on Handle


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    Many people find it convenient to have a handle added to the top of their bag. The handle allows you to pick up the bag off the ground quickly.

    The bolt-on handle can be fitted to most styles. It can also be retrofitted, meaning we can add them to your bag even after they have been made, should you decide later on that you would like one fitted.

    The bolt-on handle is a popular choice as it is attached on top of the front flap of the bag and does not change the shape of the bag. 

    Frequently when we fit a handle, then it is accompanied by a shoulder strap that has been made detachable by the addition of some trigger hooks. This enables a satchel to be used by the handle or pixies and sporrans to be used as a handbag. If you have a handle fitted afterwards, but you would like your fixed strap changed to a detachable strap, then please ensure to request it because the work won’t be undertaken as standard, and vice-versa, if you would prefer the bag to have a fixed strap instead of a detachable one then please let us know when you order your bag.

    The 19mm bolt-on handle is available for our smaller bags such as the festival satchel.