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Address Card Window

    Address Card Window


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    One of the classic features of the antique school satchels is now available with other styles such as the portrait backpack. Customise your new bag with an address window and add character to your handcrafted leather bag.

    Give your new bag some character by adding this unique customisation. The address window is a feature that is very unique to the traditional satchel. Since satchels were originally designed to be used by school students, the address window was a small slot where the students could put their personal information in, like their name and address.

    Nowadays this is more of a fashion statement while maintaining that traditional look. Now you can have this classic look with any bag you choose. It is made from the same ethically sourced heavy leather as your leather bag and is designed in a way to be able to fit a small card where you could put in your personal business card or show off the Leather Satchel Co. card which comes with it.