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Hanshaw's Elbow Grease
Hanshaw's Elbow Grease
Hanshaw's Elbow Grease

    Hanshaw's Elbow Grease

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    We know that you love your new leather bag and want to keep it like new for as long as possible. So taking care of your leather bag should be one of your top priorities. Use our leather care kit to keep your leather bag protected.

    • Made especially for our leather bags.
    • Helps to keep your leather bag clean.
    • Helps to keep your leather bag moisturized.
    • Simple easy to use product.

    Leather is a natural product. So it is very important to properly look after it if you want your leather product to last long. We understand the importance of leather care and so we have designed two great products which you can use to take care of your leather bag. 

    Our Hanshaw's Elbow Grease. This is a super formula that is a 5 in one leather care product. It is a mild cleaner, moisturiser, UV guard, pen guard and a mild waterproofer. Elbow Grease is a great product to use with your leather bag to frequently to clean it. It is usually applied on the inside of the leather bag so that it gets absorbed deep into the leather to moisturise and to keep the leather nice and supple. 

    You can apply it on the surface of the leather to help protect your leather from the harsh sunlight as well and avoid the leather colour from fading. If you have patent leather only use it on the inside as it will leave stains on the leather if you use it on the outside. 

    The nanoparticles in the Elbow Grease adds a protective layer on top of the leather to help protect your lovely leather bag from those ugly pen marks. If you do happen to get a pen mark on the leather we recommend that you first try cleaning it with the Elbow Grease and then with the Spit and Polish. 

    Elbow grease also has properties of a mild waterproofer. It can protect your leather from unexpected splashes of water on your lovely leather bag. Remember that this is a mild waterproofer. It is not as strong as some of the other dedicated waterproofing products such as the Gold Label Dubbing but it will do the job.

    The frequency of the use of these products depends on the use of your leather bag. If you use your leather bag daily we recommend that you clean and moisturise your bag every six weeks or so. If you use it a couple of times a week then you can do this every three months and if you only use it occasionally then at least every year. But remember not to leave a leather bag for longer than a year without any care if you love your leather bag.


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