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Suprise FREE Gift

    Suprise FREE Gift

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    Looking for something bespoke?

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    Who doesn't love something completely FREE!

    No strings, No "buy one get one free", No "minimum spend!"

    Just something completely FREE!

    Lovely idea, huh? It's not just an idea, though - it's something real- FOR REAL!

    ...I bet you're wondering why?

    ...and I bet you're wondering what it'll be too?

    Well, many lovely people have bought items from us, and they tell us stories about how they got stopped by strangers telling them what a beautiful item it is and asking "Where did they get it?"

    They think it would be an excellent idea if they had a little business card they could hand out to people who have stopped them to ask about the product and are interested in it.

    We thought that was a great idea also. We thought "Let's do a tracking code." We even offered to pay a little commission to the person passing on the details, but we soon found out they just wanted to help. They simply wanted to be able to pass on our contact details easily. So, then another idea came to mind! Why don't we give a FREE gift to the person buying the new item!

    Brilliant! Everyone wins!

    So that's "WHY?"

    What do we give, we'll it's supposed to be a surprise, isn't it?

    Let's just say this... we'll make something that we feel blends well with the item you have picked for yourself, and it will be in relation to the size of the purchase. So if you buy a lovely backpack, you may get a beautiful notebook or a small clutch to help organise things inside. If you order a notebook, you may get a bookmark to help keep your page.

    Makes sense, yes? It's a surprise, and it's down to our discretion what we give, but trust us to pick something right for you.