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Hidden Double Magnetic Fasteners

    Hidden Double Magnetic Fasteners


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    When it is necessary to have quick and easy access into your bag, the double magnetic fasteners are the best way to achieve this. Additionally, they are designed in such a way to preserves the unique and traditional style of a buckle fastener.

    The hidden magnetic fasteners are the best option if you want quick and easy access to your belongings in your handcrafted leather bag.

    These beautiful pieces of leather are designed so that they preserve the looks of our traditional buckle fasteners. The magnetic fasteners are also handcrafted using the same ethically sourced heavy leather as your leather bag and help us to reduce waste during production. The hidden magnetic fasteners are cut into their teardrop shape and stitched together with the metal piece hidden on the bottom part for the magnets.

    Its teardrop design is unique to our handcrafted leather bags.